"We do not simply develop web products, we craft them to make sure that they embody the most modern solutions and technologies."
Ruslan Khorin, Customer Success Manager at Senseteq
We guarantee
Your project can grow in complexity and user base without the need for new architecture.
The speed, user experience, work smoothness are all on highest level.
New requirements, changes, updates are natural for new projects and they can be executed with ease.
Long process of pre-production planning
Project description, communication with developers, designers and project managers and making sure everybody understands the tasks in the right way will take 3-5 times less time.
Costly problem of losing members of development team
As a rule, after some time, the code becomes more and more complex and entangled, that only its authors can really work with it. Thus, losing a developer costs much time and effort to get back to the track, but not with us.
Massive costs of high quality web products
We help to reduce the costs required for complex web products: proper planning, arrangement of development architecture and procedures (soft), employing experienced team and management.
Technologies and innovations
The stack of technologies, which we use together with 10+ years of experience allow us to create web products of any complexity.
Qonsoll builder
To be able to create web products in an efficient and cost effective way we use innovative technologies. One of them is Qonsoll Builder. It allows to quickly adopt best stack of technologies and enables great development experience for current and future employees.
Signs showing, that we ideally suit you
You have big experience in a sphere, but difficulties to accomplish great idea into reality.
You have a running online product, but it has reached a limit and needs a rebuild, which will not cost six-seven figures of money.
Your idea or project has a big positive impact of customers well being, health, finances, awareness or other part of life.
Time to evolve
Problems of old development approach
Difficult to understand requirements of features of a project and plan technology stack accordingly

Lengthy process of deciding on frameworks, setting up the environment for a projects

Great challenge of developing a performing, scalable web project from scratch

A lot of repetitive work

Unpredictable future changes, which are hard to integrate
Our approach
Discussing the grand plan of a project and formulating the main flows of product owners and users

Implementing flexible and scalable framework

Using ready for use components and creating the unique required components

Using test-driven development

Applying a hybrid agile-waterfall methodology
Benefits of our approach
Fundamental logic of a project is created 2-3 times faster
90% less time is spent on planning and discussions
Scalability and performance comes with faster development
Highest quality standards of web products are being met
From idea to working, scalable prototype in a matter of weeks
Flexible future updates and features creation
About us
We are a Norwegian-Ukrainian company, which aims to revolutionize the approach to web development by use of the latest technologies and innovative methodology.

Our services include development and design of complex web and mobile applications, which meet the highest levels of demand in terms of performance, scalability, availability and elasticity.

Senseteq is the company, which provides web development services and creates products to revolutionise the way web products are built.

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