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We will make the MVP version in 19 working days

Do you think this is impossible? Scroll down to see how we do it.

How do we do it?

Repetitive work has been automated
We classified the entire range of tasks that we had to work with, identified the most resource-intensive and automated their implementation.
Idea parser

We use our own tool that converts the description of a project or new functionality into a data structure. This helps us find better solutions to your business problem.
Project architecture tool
This tool helps us to efficiently create the database structure, API and develop custom user flows.
Code generator

Thanks to our approach to classifying and structuring data, as well as the previously mentioned applications, we generate a big part of the applications automatically.
Task generator

We have minimized human intervention in the process of creating tasks for developers. Thus, we know the exact time of completion of most tasks with an accuracy of 10 minutes.

We have created many modules that we can quickly integrate into the application and change to suit your needs without having to create this functionality from scratch.

Our Services.

Complex back-end apps
Front-end web apps
Mobile apps
Custom technology consulting
UI/UX design
Project management

We can develop and support no more than 18 projects per year.

We will take your if:

Your are a startup
You are an entrepeneur in a startup, or you are head of a new project within an established company.
You make a difference
Your idea or project will make a positive impact on peoples lives, in any part of their wellbeing.
You care
Business is done between people, not companies. We are a high trust company and we work together with companies that also take care of their employees and trust them.
left in 2021
7 projects.
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We guarantee.

Fast creation of MVP version
Quickly make any changes to the project
Easy scaling
High app performance
User experience
Serious about security and sensitive data
Quality assurance
Best technology stack


Digitalizing the healthcare and welfare sector. Our experience in this sector is substantial.
Retail and distribution
Digitalizing retail and distribution.
Business processes automation
Digitalizing business processes.
Travel and hospitality
Digitalizing travel and hospitality.
Digitalizing the education sector.
Energy and utilities
Digitalizing the energy sector.
Mastering Automotive Software Excellence. Automotive software R&D services to design and develop unique car services
Digitalizing the manufacturing sector.
Digitalizing the innsurance sector.
Technologies and
Our experience with modern technologies and our capability to quickly make use of new ones make us the ideal team to build applications of any size and complexity.
How does it work?

How is the process? What happens when I am taken on as a customer?

Supported by.

Innovation Norway
Norwegian Council of Research
Why Ukraine developers?
Ukraine developers rank as the most proficient and experienced practitioners in custom software, web and app development. On TopCoder and Hackerrank, Ukraine feature in a high ranking system that saw the countries’ top the list for most advanced software development skillset.
150 000+
TOP 15
TopCoder and Hackerrank
Top outsourcing country in Eastern Europe
Best price/quality ratio
About Senseteq.
We are a Norwegian-Ukrainian company, which aims to revolutionize the approach to web development. Our mission is to make the world a better place through our contribution. We love people. We make a difference in the lives of our customers and our employees.

We set the same standard for our customers. They are dedicated startups that wants to make a difference for people, in any part of their lives.

We invite everyone to be part of it. Come join us and make Sense!